So, I Did a Thing.

A couple of days ago, I trashed all of my blog posts and changed my theme. I imagine that this is quite routine for new bloggers. My reasoning is borderline trite, really. The thought “I want a fresh start.” is the only thing that drove me to do it.

Like many of my fellow “newborn” bloggers, I strive to make my blog and all of it’s content a candid extension of myself. Yet, I struggle at times because I don’t always know what that means. I find difficulty in distinguishing between saying too much and saying too little. I never know what to post, when to post, what feature image to use, or if I want my post to be sticky. I mean, do I talk about my day or the upcoming election? How do I find the balance between writing about a movie I saw and how I feel about world hunger? With all of these questions swirling around, I got lost and just didn’t write anything. When I did write, it was rushed and only for the sake of my blog not looking too empty.

Of course there is a way to balance all of these things; And I know that at least starting a new draft is the first step. But, I don’t want my blog to become a warehouse for a thousand random thoughts. If I wanted that, I would just close WordPress and open Twitter!

No less, the benefit of starting over is just that. I get to start over! This time around, I want to play with a more uniform look and introduce sections so that my blog won’t become one large stream of consciousness. This time, I will not be afraid to say how I’m feeling. By being so frazzled by it all, I forgot to stop and enjoy it. Because I wasn’t enjoying it, my content wasn’t genuine. So, I did a thing and here we are.


2 thoughts on “So, I Did a Thing.

  1. At first I couldn’t read this without feeling like you made a mistake by swiping the slate clean. I truly feel that even the awful experiences help to make is who we are and that a blog is a visual road map and marking the dead ends is just as important as highlighting the destinations. Then again, on a smaller scale, I appreciate what you’re doing. When I’m writing a post and the thoughts expand and expand until I feel overwhelmed, I know I have to cut certain passages for clarity. Still, I feel physical remorse over the editing process. Just because a thought doesn’t play well in a group, it feels heartless to get rid of it all together. *sigh* the life of an over thinker 😉 Good luck with your fresh start


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